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Giuliana Carrozza is the author & founder of Brand You. Giuliana moved to the US in her last year of high school with two suitcases and a dream to impact the world. A Marketing major, double minoring in Fashion & Retail and International Business Management at Lynn University, her mission is to help people discover their better selves. She believes that everyone has a talent that can change the world, and the path to find that is through uniqueness. 
By becoming an intern at Her Campus magazine in her 2nd year of college, Giuliana discovered her passion for writing, boosting her first experience as a writer. Soon she became the Marketing & Events director for the Her Campus Lynn chapter and had the opportunity to work in the Marketing departments of two organizations. Alongside writing, Giuliana is passionate about Marketing and Fashion, genuinely believing that we can increase our well-being by developing ourselves and our self-brand. She is a certified Image & Style consultant by Belas Artes University (Brasil), certified in Personal Branding by the University of Virginia (USA), and certified in the Science of Well-being by Yale University (USA). 
After studying, researching, and working in Marketing for over three years, Giuliana realized that the most powerful promotion tool is the well-structured personal brand. She is also a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society and has experience living in three countries speaking four languages. Giuliana is amazed by traveling and seeing the world. When not writing, she can be found listening to Maroon 5, binge-watching Friends for the 100th time, or calling her friends in the middle of the night while eating brigadeiro. 
Giuliana welcomes you to Brand You & hopes you find your uniqueness here!
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